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The South African Cyber Security Academic Alliance, located at www.cyberaware.org.za, was established in June 2011. The main objective of SACSAA is to campaign for the effective delivery of cyber security awareness throughout South Africa to all population groups. The founding members of SACSAA are the University of Johannesburg, the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and Unisa.  One of the main short-term objectives of SACSAA is to organise an annual South African Cyber Security Awareness Day – the first being planned for October 2012.  The Alliance will also invite people from industry to join as members so that a comprehensive, continuous national programme of cyber awareness can become operational in South Africa.  This programme will address all potential stakeholders, including the following:

* school learners at pre-primary level
* school learners at primary level
* school learners at secondary level
* students at tertiary level
* people from industry
* people in government
* home users
* anyone using the internet

Programmes will address the risks of using the internet, including the following:
* cyber crime
* cyber identity theft
* cyber stalking
* cyber bullying
* internet surfing
* social networking
* internet-based commerce
* other relevant fields

Different mechanisms like this workbook, posters, radio and TV spots, newspaper articles, a dedicated website and more will be used and, where relevant, will be available to interested parties. The Alliance trusts that over the long term the programme will make South Africa a safer and more secure place from a cyber perspective.