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This category uses the form Philosophical World View. This form can be used to create a new instance of a philosophical world view.

A philosophical world view can be seen as the general orientation that a researcher has towards reality, truth, and knowledge - we all have one, and this is an attempt to make this explicit so that readers of your work will know what view of reality, truth, and knowledge you are coming from. Every Research Scheme has a philosophical world view that underlines the research, although this philosophical grounding is often not explicitly stated. It is problematic when such philosophical view points are taken as self-evident as they may then also be taken for granted, and not sufficiently acknowledged or questioned. Has can also be argued that knowledge about such philosophical traditions in science provides a more solid foundation for the research.

It is also possible that the philosophical assumptions that a researcher holds will affect the sorts of questions that are asked, the type of data that is collected, and how it is analysed. In short, it influences the whole research project.


A philosophical world view has 4 properties:

  1. A Status Of Truth (see Property:Has status of truth).
  2. A Status Of Reality (see Property:Has status of reality).
  3. An Epistemology (see Property:Has epistemology).
  4. The Role Of Researcher (see Property:Has role of researcher).

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