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A research design provides the structure or blueprint for the research. What is called a research design here is sometimes called a research strategy, method, or methodology in other research methodology literature. Although research is often guided by a variation of only one research design, it is possible to have more than one design, where a secondary research design is used to support the primary research design.

It is used in a Research Scheme.

Research designs can be divided into two main types: Empirical Research Designs and NonEmpirical Research Designs. Although some sources group research designs by quantitative and qualitative designs, designs are not intrinsically qualitative or quantitative[1]. Here, a quantitative, qualitative, or hybrid, research approach is added as a property of a Research Design.

We usually do not create instances of this main research design category. Rather, we create instances of a specific research design.


A research design has 2 properties:

  1. A Research Approach (see Property:Has research approach).
  2. One or more Research Methods which will be used to gather the data (see Property:Has research method).


  1. Biggam, J. (2011). Succeeding With Your Master’s Dissertation: A Step-By-Step Handbook, 2nd edn, Open University Press, Maidenhead.


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