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Research methods are the tools or instruments that will be used to gather data, and every Research Design has one or more research methods. Commonly, methods may be categorised as either quantitative or qualitative (as has been done here). However, the methods themselves are atheoretical and do not have philosophical or methodological assumptions (and can thus be used in various research designs).[1][2]

Research methods can be divided into three main categories: Qualitative Research Methods, Quantitative Research Methods, and Theoretical Research Methods. We usually do not create instances of this main research design category, and prefer to create instances of the various specific sub-types of research methods.


A research method has 4 properties:

  1. A Data Collection Process, which is expressed as text (see Property:Has data collection process).
  2. A Data Source (see Property:Has data source).
  3. A Level Of Control (see Property:Has level of control).
  4. A Data Format (see Property:Has data format).


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