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This category uses the form Research Scheme. You can use this form to create new instances of research schemes. It is, however, suggested that you use the Create a research scheme page as this prompts you to create all the necessary research designs and methods before finally creating the research scheme.

A research scheme defines the overall structure of the research.

It does not define the research methodology, that is, the logic and reasoning behind which designs and methods are chosen.


A research scheme is made up of the following attributes, properties, or fields:

  1. A Philosophical World View that underpins the research. There should be only one of these. See Property:Is underpinned by.
  2. One or more Research Designs that provide the structure/blue print for the conducting of the research. See Property:Has research design.
  3. An indication of whether ethical clearance was obtained for the research. See Property:Has ethical clearance.