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This is a semantic wiki, and so the links between pages are often typed, making it possible to explore pages by following the typed links around the wiki.

Exploring the category pages

The wiki contains pages for the various categories and sub-categories of research schemes, research designs and research methods. These pages normally have Category: or Property: at the start of the page heading.

  • On each category page is a brief description of the topic (point 1).
  • These categories usually have one or more properties, and you can click on a property link to read about the property, and see the various options that the property can take (point 2). There is often also a link to the Property: page, where you can find other examples of where this particular property has been used, and to what values the links point (point 3).
  • Some categories have subcategories (for example, a Research Design has Empirical and NonEmpirical research designs), and following these links will take you to the page for that particular subcategory.
  • Where a category has been used in a specific research scheme, you will find the associated pages listed at near the bottom of the page under the heading Pages in category … (point 4). Clicking on one of these will take you to that specific page. See below about exploring these specific pages.
  • Right at the bottom of the page in a box is a link to the parent category for the category page that you are currently viewing (point 5). You can click here to move back up the hierarchy of categories if you want to.

Exploring other pages

When a research scheme is created, a set of pages are created that represent the scheme, the research designs used, and the methods used.

  • All the properties that relate to this page are in table format at the top of the page (point 6). On this specific page, a research design, you can see that 3 different research methods were used (point 7).
  • There may be some further discussion added relating to the particular research (point 8).
  • The category hierarchy to which this page belongs is listed (point 9).
  • At the bottom of the page is a fact box, where all the outgoing links are listed.
    • On the left are the properties (point 10), and on the right the value given to that property (point 11).
    • Clicking on the magnifying glass symbol next to a row will take you to a page listing all other cases where the particular property has that particular value (see the red square).
    • Clicking on an eye symbol (see the green diamond) takes you to the Browse wiki page for the item clicked (see image below). Although this page shows similar information to that in the fact box, it helps you follow links from this page (top, orange rectangle) as well as links to this page (bottom, purple rectangle).

Exploring using a graph

You can also use a graph format to view, and explore, the links and properties of pages (see Graph View). Although you can do this from any normal wiki page, it probably makes the most sense to start from one of the Research Scheme pages.

This unfortunately cannot be done for Category and Property pages.

Exploring categories

Going to Browse Data allows you to start exporing the wiki content from any of the Category pages. All you have to do is select a category from the right-hand column to begin browsing. You then follow links in much the same way as indicated above.