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You are encouraged to contribute to the articles that appear in this wiki. One of the ways of doing so is adding to articles and discussions that already exist. This can be done in two ways.


Firstly, you can just add to the discussion of the topic, either to agree or disagree with the content on the page without editing the actual content itself. To add to the discussion in this way, click on the Discussion tab (next to the Page tab) at the top left of each page.


Secondly, you can click on the Edit tab (next to the Read tab) on the top right hand side of each page. You can then either simply add more information, or correct information that is already there.

Text is added using wikitext. There are some basic formatting functions provided above the edit box to format text: you can format text as bold or italics (or both), add internal and external links, and set up a level 2 heading – these should be all you need to add text.

Once you are on the editing page, there is also an Editing pages link at the bottom of the page that you can have a look at.

The following links will give you more detail on formatting text using wikitext if you want to explore this further.

Note that these are for Wikipedia, but as this wiki is also based on MediaWiki, the same will apply here. However, the formatting options provided are not as wide as those for Wikipedia; you will not be able to upload images to the wiki.

If you need to add citations and references, see the Adding citations and references page for help.

Semantic linking

As this wiki uses semantic technologies to enable linking between pages, there is sometimes text that the bottom of pages that allows this linking to happen, with a message asking that you please do not edit the text below that point. We would appreciate it if you would only edit that text if you are sure you know what you are doing.

Restricted editing

Note that some pages will not allow editing (as these form the basic structure of the wiki, and can only be edited by an administrator).